Moolah Air Patrol

Moolah Shrine Air Patrol - Flying the Children Since 1967


   Shrine Transportation - Cinncinati Burns Hospital

It's what we do !!!   " We Fly the Children ! "


Merry Christmas !!!!

Wishing you a Blessed and Happy Easter !!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day.. How's that for a pot of Gold !!!! 

History of St. Louis Aviation History mural painted by Artist and Brother Noble Hartford Smith.. RIP

Moolah Santa Party for Shrine Patients.

Part of our Moolah Shrine Air Patrol Team.. Noble Dale Arn, Past Pres. / Past director, Noble Randy Ottinger, Past Potentate Moolah Temple, Illus. Sir Doug Maxwell Past Potentate Moolah Temple, Nobe Earl Head, Air Transportation chairman

Noble Gary Larrabee, Past President Moolah Shrine Air Patrol. CLASS PICTURE FORM U.S. ARMY SMA CLASS 4 NOV. 1974

Noble Robert "Bob" Morgan on one of his many missions to Cinncinnati with his Mooney N1142G


1975 Cessna 182P Skylane **N4637K ** Nobles Dale Arn, Michael Sanders and Dan Triska.. St. Louis, MO. USA 


N4637K ** Cessna Skylane 182P Based at Spirit of St. Louis... Nobles Dale Arn, Michael Sanders and Dan Triska


Aerial view of the City of St. Louis, MO. USA.. Oct. 1 2010 from N4637K 

Lambert Field - St. Louis International Airport, St. Louis, MO. USA   KSTL

St. Louis Down Town Airport KCPS.. Aerial View St. Louis, MO. USA


Cessan 182P Skylane N4637K off the wing of Sierra N24662...... returning from Dexter MO. Fly-In... Oct. 9 2010

Happy Valentines Day !!!!

ISAA presentation to Noble Robert "Bob" Morgan in recognition of 51+ Flight Missions of Shrine Patients **Moolah Shrine Temple, St. Louis, MO. USA - June 20, 2012

N4851G .. Cessna 172 Skyhawk... Creve Coeur Airport 1HO ** Old Dauster Field.. Archway Aviation.. Noble Les Neuroths FBO. St. Louis, MO. 

Noble Randy Ottinger P.P.   Doing what he Loves!  Anyone need a check ride ?  Bell Hellicopter  BHF 206 B

Noble Bob Morgan's 1982 Mooney 201 ** Don't let that year fool you.. It is sharp, clean and FAST !!!  Grandpa Bob showing his Grandaughter one of the finer things in life.


ISSA Presentation to Noble Robert "Bob" Morgan at Moolah Temple, June 20, 2012 ** 51+ Shrine Flight Missions


N24664 Beechcraft Sierra ** A24R.. Nobles John Small, Ken Zesch, Dennis and Rick Oloteo, Owners

SeaPlane Rating anyone !!!.... PA12 Piper Cruiser ** Nobles Dale Arn, Dennis Oloteo and John Small getting either recurrent training or add on rating up at Travis City, Michigan


Moolah Shrine Air Patrol in Hanger Room ** Mural is the History of Aviation in St. Louis.. Artist.. Noble Hartford Smith ** Nobles Rick Olotea, Mel Reese, Robert Zeitinger, Dan Triska, Fred Nipper, Dale Arn, Adam Novak, Dan Cross, Charlie Cook, Billy Anderson, Ned Inglish, Floyd Richard, Bill Bunch, Ken Zesch, Charlie Wilson, Dennis Oloteo, John Small, Glenn Wilson, John Triska, Kent Clar, Bud Hildebrand, Tracy Smith

Noble Floyd Richards, Commander, Navy - Ret. ** Moolah Air Patrol Past President and Past Director

Noble Bert North... Test Pilot pictures...  Cockpit of the XF3H ... What an incredible history our brother has.... Some of the Aircraft that Bert did Test flights for... XF88,, F2H, F101, XF3H and more. I have had quite a few conversations with Bert. He is a very humble man with quite an aviation pedigree.


Noble Bertram North / McDonald Douglas Test Pilot.. Pressurized suite  McDonell Douglas F101 Aircraft

Nobe Bertram North in the Mercury Space Capsule here in St. Louis with President. John F. Kennedy seeing first hand our Space Program here at McDonnell Douglas ** Sept. 1962


Our Pike Lynn Quitlers at our Shrine Hosptial here in St. Louis ... Over 500 Quilts Donated to our Shrine Hospital for our Children to take home with them. They have dontated numbrerous quilts to be raffled as well. A GREAT Bunch of very talented ladies. THANKS can not begin to express the JOY you have given to so many.

Our Pike Lynn Quilter Friends during our Appreciation Dinner in the Hanger Room 

Then and NOW... Billy Roach ... First Shriners Burn Patient  1962 at 6 years old pictures with then Imperial Sir and

Past Moolah Temple Potentate,  Illustrious Sir Harvey Beffa.


Billy Roach and his wife... enroute to 40th Anniversary Celebration of The Burns Hospital in Cinncinnatti to commemorate the opening of the First Shriner Hospitals Burn Units. ***Noble Dale Arn, Pilot - not pictured


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