Moolah Air Patrol

Moolah Shrine Air Patrol - Flying the Children Since 1967

NOTAM - March 2019

March 2019 NOTAM

President – Jeff Stygar  1st Vice Pres. Robert Walters  -  2nd Vice Pres. Bob Sudhold

SecretaryGhris Grau  –  Treasurer – Richard Prine

** Director - Bill Stears

Air Patrol Meeting – Second Monday of the Month

** Hangar open by 17:30 hrs / Meeting at 19:00 hrs.

Moolah Shrine Stated meeting – third Wednesday of the Month

 Circus 2019 Kick-off and Parade - Saturday, March 9th

Parade in Down-Town St. Charles with Circus Kick off at Moolah Temple immediately following.

Moolah Shrine Circus 2019 at St. Charles Family Arena. ** Thursday through Sunday, March 21,22,23 and 24th. This is a temple call out - event we need all hands on deck 

Team Air Patrol