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Moolah Shrine Air Patrol - Flying the Children Since 1967

April 2019 Air Patrol Camels Tale


*** Officers for 2019 

President:                    Jeff Stygar
1st Vice President:      Rob Walters
2nd Vice President:     Bob Sudholt
Secretary:                    Chris Grau
Treasurer:                    Richard Prine
Director:                       Bill Stears

April 2019 Moolah Shrine Air Patrol Camels Tale

April 2019 Moolah Shrine Air Patrol Camels Tale

Greetings Crew... Thanks to EVERYONE that has been rallying to the calls and tending to our duties of the Air Patrol. We are now into the Lull between storms or EYE of the Hurricane. By the time you read this, Circus 2019 will be in the History Book. Thanks to everyone that did a tour of duty to make this happen. PLEASE get any Money or unsold tickets to our ticket Chairman so that he can close the books. Lets make this easy for him.

Moolah Spring Ceremonial is Saturday, May 4 th. Get that candidate as well as come up to the Hangar to meet and greet the new nobles. Let them know what the Air Patrol is All About and what we do.

Lots more action planned for the year. Check out our various information portholes... or BETTER YET.... Come on up to the hangar to hear first hand what is going on as well as join in the FEZ-tivities.

Thanks to Noble Tyler Cordell for tweaking our Air Patrol Website

If you have not been to a Shrine or Air Patrol meeting, come on back home and feel-get some of The Mo-Jo !!!!

In Closing.. Make that PIREP.


Dan-O – N600SR