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February 2019 Air Patrol Camels Tale


*** Officers for 2019 

President:                    Jeff Stygar
1st Vice President:      Rob Walters
2nd Vice President:     Bob Sudholt
Secretary:                    Chris Grau
Treasurer:                    Richard Prine
Director:                       Bill Stears

February 2019 Moolah Shrine Air Patrol Camels Tale

Congratulations to the Elected Officers for 2019. The officers for 2019 are President: Jeff Stygar,

1st Vice President: Rob Walters

2nd Vice President: Bob Sudholt

Secretary: Chris Grau

Treasurer: Richard Prine

Director: Bill Stears

An exciting year is planned so make sure your seat belt is fastened and tightened up..., Consider your self Briefed.

The Air Patrol Presentation of officers is planned for Saturday, February 2nd at Moolah Shrine Temple. Make your reservations with the Air Patrol. An invitation was sent via our Secretary, Noble Chris Grau.

Mark your calendar for MOTOWN Review, Saturday, February 16th at Moolah Temple. This is an Air Patrol Sponsored event.

Mark your calendar for the Potentates Presentation, Saturday, February 23rd. Make your reservations with the Moolah Shrine office and let them know you would like to sit with The Air Patrol.

Circus 2019 is just around the corner. Circus parade and Kick-Off info is moving back to St. Charles and will be held on Saturday, March 9th. Circus 2019 dates are March 21, 22, 23 and 24th. All in info is available on line as well as in the printed Camels Tale. ** Check out the Special price for Opening Night Package Deal.

If you are not receiving communications – NOTAMS. Etc. please send an email to so that we can get you in to the loop. Lots of action, activities and excitement with our Air Patrol Unit and we would like - want you to be part of it all.

Dues for 2019 is due so please send your payment to our Secretary, Noble Chris Grau. Better yet, come on up to the Hangar and attend a meeting as well as catch up with some old friends. Maybe even make a few new ones.   Hope to see you.

Happy Valentines's Day to all our Lady's that support and contribute to our events and causes.