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January 2021 Air Patrol Camels Tale

 January 2021 Camels Tale

Officers for 2021

                                                                Director                         Bill Stears
                                                                 President:                    Bob Sudholt
                                                                1st Vice President:      Neil Connor
                                                                2nd Vice President:     Stanford Levy 
                                                                Secretary:                     Chris Grau
                                                                Treasurer:                     Richard Prine

January 2021 Moolah Shrine Air Patrol Camels Tale

Happy New Year !!!! The 2021 PIC’s are ready to take command. Congratulations to the New Team that will lead the Air patrol during 2021. Officers for 2021 are... President-Bob Sudholt, 1st Vice-President Neil Connor, 2nd Vice-President Stanford Levy, Secretary- Chris Grau and Treasurer- Rich Prine. Reports are that Bill Stears has been re-appointed as our Air Patrol Director.

A big tip of the Fez to our out-going Air Patrol President Noble Rob Walters and his crew. Thanks Rob for an outstanding tour of duty. Pretty sure the New Crew at the Head Table have a great Flight Plan. Consider yourself briefed. The Fasten Your Seat Belt Sign is on.. so.. Hang ON.. Wheels up in....

The Air patrol Presentation of officers is set for for Saturday, February 27th at Moolah Shrine Temple. Check your email and / or mailbox for the invitation with all the info. ** This is going to be a combined presentation with Yomo, Gateway and Arab, details to follow/

The FEZtival of Trees was a great and fun event for everyone. Even with the Change of Venue to The Charles Family Arena. Kudo's to the Crew that made this happen and set up the Air Patrols' Tool Themed Tree.
Thanks to everyone that contributed to make and put into action, A very successful DRIVE-THRU Santa's Party for our Shriner Patients was held with Santa Greeting the Cars and Families as they passed. Thanks again to everyone for the flexibility and once again creating a phenomenally good time for the Children.. Young and Old.
The Air Patrol Roster is in the process of being completed. Membership to the Air Patrol is a bargain and comes with LOTS of incredible perks. Dues for 2021 are due and we now have the ability to process them via charge or debit card. Contact our Secretary Noble Chris Grau and he will take care of it for you
Winter Flying is great fun ** Once you get that cockpit warmed up a bit. Check that Tarmac breaking action on initial Taxi..... and remember...

We Fly the Children


Dan-O – N600SR

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